The Food Bank is entirely run by a team of amazing volunteers. The volunteering role is fairly fluid and most carry out a variety of tasks depending on their skills, interests and availability. 

Volunteering is a fantastic way to put something back into the community by helping people in need in Exmouth. Take a look below at the various tasks we carry out at the Food Bank. Then, if you are interested in joining our waiting list, please email: info@exmouthfoodbank.org.uk

 All volunteers will need to complete an application form and provide references.

Collecting food donations 

We have a number of donation points in and around Exmouth. We use volunteers to collect the food items from these collection points and deliver the food to the Salvation Army Hall. 

Collections are co-ordinated centrally by a team leader and usually take place on a Tuesday and Friday morning. Warning – you will need to drive your own car and be fairly fit and strong in order to lift the bags and the occasional crate of food!

Store room and stock room management 

Volunteers date check and sort donations into categories such as beans, rice and pasta. They then store the food in our stock room at the Salvation Army Hall. 

Stock management teams also work to ensure that we have a good supply of each of the items we need for our standard parcels. They manage the flow of food into and out of the Food Bank.

Selecting and packing food parcels 

Volunteers select and pack the food parcels for our clients. Parcels are packed using a standard list, with quantities being adjusted to suit the number of people in the household.

Clients are then invited into the Food Bank to collect their parcels and select any additional items they may need, such as toiletries or cleaning products. For those who are unable to get to the Food Bank, parcels are labelled up for delivery and grouped into delivery routes ready for volunteer drivers to collect.

Delivering food parcels to our clients

We use volunteer drivers to deliver food parcels to some of our clients on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. Drivers use their own cars and are allocated approximately three or four clients to deliver food parcels to. 



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